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Jayme's Bass Academy is unlike any other bass lessons out there.

Learn from an industry veteran with over 450 videos - More than 100 hours of lessons!


The Bassics

If you’re new to the bass guitar, or you've never studied it formally, this is a great place to start! But I'll do more than just help get you started; we're going to lay the foundation for your success, I'll help you avoid costly mistakes, and set you up to achieve your bass goals! Recommended for beginners and intermediate.


Practice Tips

I’m always on the hunt for the best ways to practice, well, anything! Music, fitness, life; I just want to be the most efficient human that I can possibly be with the best ROI. Don’t you? This course represents my journey, after years of study on this subject, being applied to both the bass guitar and musicianship.


Essential Scales

Not sure what scales are, or how to use them? Or maybe you just need a quick refresher course on the most commonly used scales? This 8-part video course will answer all of your questions! Topics covered include the major modes, pentatonic modes, sequential & intervallic exercises and more! 


Essential Arpeggios

This 11-part video course is similar to the Essential Scales above, but centered around the most commonly used arpeggios.  Topics covered include single and two octave triads, 7th chords and more! Arpeggios can be the hardest thing a bassist ever plays, so let me help you get there!


Rhythm & Timing

Groove and pocket are everything for bass players, and this 10-part course covers the basics of rhythm and timing. Topics covered include the essential rhythms to know, groove placement, developing your internal clock and more! This course is great for both beginner and intermediate players.


How to Get Hired

In this 12-part course on groove, I share some of my favorite go-to tricks for getting the gig, keeping the gig and getting called back for more gigs! I learned them the hard way (maybe my next series will be called How to Get Fired) and I’m passing the wisdom on to you! If you've ever wondered, "what's really expected from a good bass player?" then this course is for you!


How to Create PERFECT Basslines

In this 10-part course I'll show you my favorite tricks for creating memorable basslines; grooves that support the song as much as they turn heads and shake booties! I developed this course over 20 years, using real basslines that I've played on hundreds of stages and dozens of studios.


50+ Songs w/ TAB's, Jam Tracks & Guitar Pro files!

What's your poison? Is it Blues or Rock? Or jazz, R&B, Pop, Funk or Metal? You'll find over 50 complete songs for several genres and levels of difficulty along with TAB's, bass-less Jam Tracks & Guitar Pro files! Plus, new songs are added throughout the year.


Essential Funk Vocabulary

This 7-part a crash-course will teach you the basic techniques and tools that you'll need to play funk music. I'll show you the funkiest way to play ghosted notes, muting, staccato 16th note syncopations and playing the filthiest grooves and licks that you can shake your stank-face at!


Slap Techniques, Grooves & Licks

Slap is, without doubt, one of the coolest sounds a bass can make! In the Library you'll find courses on Essential Slap Techniques, and also Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Slap Grooves & Licks with TAB's, Jam Tracks & Guitar Pro files!


Next-Level Pentatonics

Looking for some fresh ideas and perspectives for all of those pentatonic licks you've learned over the years? This 6-part video series will help you take your improv game to the next level, and the best part is: you already know all of the scales! I'll just show you new ways to use them that you've never thought of before!


Essential Jazz Vocabulary

This 6-part course will introduce you to a few topics that will take your walking basslines and jazz soloing to the next level, covering target notes, 3-9 arpeggios and pivots arpeggios. Take your solos to the next level with this course!


Chords on Bass

Whether or not you plan on playing solo bass, which isn't something every bass player will do, it couldn't hurt to learn how to play a few chords on a 4-string bass! Check out the Essential Chord Voicings course, or jump into the different levels of Comping Exercises. 


Jayme's Bass Community

Connect with a global network of other members and share your progress or your music, seek help, interact with other likeminded bass players or just talk shop and ask questions.


Monthly Challenges

Join our monthly Studio and Technical Challenges to hone your chops, learn and grow with other members and engage with the Community in mock-recording sessions.


Live JBC Meetups

Join Jayme & the Community every month for live streamed Q&A coaching calls, hangouts, listening parties and reviewing Challenges together.


Sessions & Tutorials

I film all of my recording sessions so you can see exactly how I work with clients to bring their songs to life, from the types of questions I ask to choosing the right instrument and coming up with parts.


Music Business Tips

This ongoing course shows you how I prepare for real-world gigging scenarios, from making my own charts to prepping for the stage, packing my gig bag and everything that goes along with playing gigs.

Everything You Need

JBA Lessons include Guitar Pro files that allow you to speed up, slow down, transpose, loop sections, isolate the bass & more!

And don't worry, if you don't use GP you can still download PDF's and MP3's.

Sign up for FREE for 2 full weeks and see if it's right for you!

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Inside Jayme's Bass Academy:

  • The Bassist Curriculum Beginners Course with 100 videos
  • How to Create PERFECT Basslines
  • Over 50 complete Songs
    • Rock & Blues
    • Funk
    • Pop/R&B/Soul
    • Metal
    • Jazz
  • TAB's, Jam Tracks & Guitar Pro files for HUNDREDS of lessons
  • Essential Funk Vocabulary
  • Essential Slap Techniques
  • Next-Level Pentatonics¬†
  • Slap Grooves & Licks¬†
  • Essential Jazz Vocabulary
  • Chords on Bass
  • Fingertapping¬†
  • 450+ Lessons, over 100 hours!
  • Jayme's Bass Community, live streams & monthly challenges!


ūüĎČAs a special BONUS, you will also get full access to¬†two extra courses:

  • Ignite Musical Training (17-hour music theory & ear training course)
  • How to Read Music on Bass (16 Lessons)


The Library is constantly growing, new Videos, TAB's, songs and Jam Tracks added throughout the year.