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Session musician, touring bassist, MD, tour-manager, TV/film composer & producer


Jayme has worked with Warren Huart, Mitch Ryder, Russ Miller, Shim Moore, Pete Thorn, Phil-X, Mary Spender, Michael Palmisano, Glenn Fricker, Electric Hot Dog, Adam Lambert, Ester Dean, Meghan Trainor, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Michael Gungor, Colton Dixon, William Matthews, Todd Fields, Peter Amato, Matthew Gerard, Robbie Nevil, Mauricio Guerrero Sr., Matt Forger, Megan Nicole, Kellyeann Keough, Bill Worrell, The Dread Pirate Roberts, Ra Diaz, Aaron Kellim, Evening Elephants, Barry Keenan, OBEEHAVE, The Bookouts, North Point, Adam Neely, Nathan Navarro, Lothal, Divine Attraction, For All Seasons, Karen as Dolly and many others.

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Jayme is one of most motivated and driven people I’ve met in this industry. His passion for teaching is only rivaled by the creativity he brings to every one of his endeavors.

Keynon McBurney (drums for BTS, Gloria Trevi, Tori Kelly)