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Other Music:

Shepherd Youth

Live EP (2014)

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The Dread Pirate Roberts

Self-Titled (2014)

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Sarah Lynn Grubb

Today (2013)

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The Brothers Lewis

Through the Fire and the Flames - Single (2012)

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Matt Bayless

Away with our Fears (2012)

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Erica Dean

Embraced (2011)

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Andy Zuniga

Velocidad (2010)

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Spectacular!: Original Television Soundtrack

Nickelodeon Records (2009)

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Jayme Lewis has been working for years as a sideman, an artist and a small business-owner residing in Northern Los Angeles. He is a national touring bassist and studio musician, a record producer, author and music educator. Having discovered the bass guitar at the age of 7, he began to passionately pursue the instrument throughout his youth. After graduating in 2008 from California State University of Northridge with a Bachelor's Degree in Music, Jayme began a career as a sideman in L.A. and has played with numerous artists from around the country, as well as cutting his teeth in the studio tracking cues for Disney and Nickelodeon. In 2012 he began a career as an artist and released his first record, When Will Then Be Now? On top of teaching privately at the The Lewis Music Academy in Moorpark, CA, Jayme still manages to gig and tour full time, host a bass Podcast, maintain several online businesses and produce artists out of his recording studio, Second Story Studios.

Jayme has founded the following companies:

L.A. Bass Lix

Online video bass lessons with Jayme

Unlimited access to my archive of 170+ bass lessons, streaming in full HD.

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L.A. Jam Trax

Transcriptions, Jam Trax and more!

Learn how to play my orignal music, Live Studio Jams and more!

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Ignite Musical Training

Music Theory and Ear Training Program

Ignite Musical Training is designed to take your musicianship to the next level.

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Advice for the Modern Worship Musician (2011)

Everything that you wish your worship team knew...

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More live performances, gear reviews and free lessons available on YouTube

Jayme Lewis Band - Sedagive

Transcriptions & Play-Along files for this song available at


L.A. Jam Trax Presents Live Studio Jams - Afro/Cuban Jam #1

Transcriptions & Play-Along files for this song available at

Using Multiple Pentatonic Scales Over a Chord


Modulating Sweep Arpeggios and Inversions

The Jayme Lewis Podcast


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